Copyright 1981, 2010 Theodore Sturgeon Literary Trust
From the story Seasoning, in Vol 13 of The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon.
Makes two-four servings

Four eggs
Four slices of bread
Four frozen onion rings
Salt and pepper to taste

Instructions: Turn oven to 400 degrees
Separate whites from yolks, with whites in one bowl and each yolk in a separate small bowl or teacup (yolks must not break)
Beat egg whites until very stiff
Toast and butter bread
On a baking sheet, place slices of toast. Pile whipped egg whites on toast. Make an indentation in the middle of the egg whites with a spoon.
Place one frozen onion ring in each indentation, slip egg yolk inside onion ring.
Bake in oven about five to ten minutes, until egg whites are slightly browned and onion rings hot, but egg yolks still liquid.
Enjoy with hot chocolate spiced with jalapeno pepper.