Leonard Nimoy, 3/26/31 - 2/27/15
Theodore Sturgeon would have been very saddened to learn of the death of his friend, Leonard Nimoy, a day after what would have been Ted's 97th birthday.

Ted worked with Nimoy on the set of the first Star Trek, most memorably on the episode Ted wrote, "Amok Time," which gave Spock a culture and a sex life. Nimoy credited Ted with the invention of the Vulcan greeting: "live long and prosper," which Nimoy used in later life as his sign-off on his tweets: LLAP.

Ted always spoke highly of Nimoy, a talented actor, a smart and generous man. He will be missed.

Open Road Releases Sturgeon Ebooks
Several of Sturgeon's most famous novels, as well as a collection of short stories, are
being released as ebooks by Open Road Media. The novels being released include:
More Than Human, Godbody, Some of Your Blood, The Dreaming Jewels, Venus
Plus X, and To Marry Medusa.

Noël Sturgeon, trustee of the Theodore Sturgeon Literary Trust, had this to say;
"One of the enduring themes of [Sturgeon's] work was the notion that if all the world's knowledge was available to all, humanity could reach its potential as a flourishing, peaceful, equal society. We may be a distance from that ideal, but to have his novels and stories published as ebooks is deeply satisfying because I know he would have been so delighted."

See the Ebooks Here ->
Read Open Road's Press Release Here ->
Theodore Sturgeon's papers will live long and prosper at University of Kansas
From the LA Times:
The papers of science-fiction author Theodore Sturgeon, who died in 1985 at age 67, will go to the University of Kansas. They will be held at the Kenneth Spencer Research Library.

Sturgeon began publishing science fiction in the late 1930s, and became a significant science-fiction writer. "He was an influence on most of us science-fiction and fantasy writers," Ray Bradbury said upon Sturgeon's death.
KCUR Radio Show
KCUR public radio, in Kansas City, broadcast a half-hour show about Theodore Sturgeon and the donation of his papers to the University of Kansas, on Thursday, July 28, at 10-10:30 AM Central time. Participants on the show are James Gunn, Founding Director of the Center for the Study of Science Fiction; Elspeth Healey, Special Collections Librarian for the Spencer Library; and Noël Sturgeon, Trustee of the Theodore Sturgeon Literary Trust. You can hear the show on the KCUR website.
NYRSF Readings: A Tribute to Theodore Sturgeon

N.K. Jemisin, Noël Sturgeon,
and Samuel R. Delany
Jim Freund, the host of Hour of the Wolf on WBAI, organized a Tribute to Theodore Sturgeon at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art on May 3, 2010 in NYC.

N.K. Jemisin read the Sturgeon horror classic "Bianca's Hands," and Samuel R. Delany read "The Clinic," a difficult read as the narrator has a unique way of using the English language. Noël Sturgeon moderated. Read Mark Blackman's excellent coverage of the event on SFScope.

Panel on Sturgeon at Readercon 21
In July 2010, at Readercon in Burlington Mass, Samuel R. Delany, Barry Malzberg, Diane Weinstein and Paul di Fillippo were on a panel moderated by Noël Sturgeon that discussed what makes a Sturgeon story recognizable, the influence of Sturgeon on other writers, and many other topics in front of an engaged audience. Scott Edelman posted two clips of the panel on YouTube.
Locus Magazine Roundtable Discussion

Gary K. Wolfe, Noël Sturgeon, Graham Sleight,
and John Clute. Photo by Liza Groen Trombi
In their May 2011 issue, Locus Magazine published a roundtable discussion on Sturgeon's work. The discussion was moderated by Liza Groen Trombi; participants were John Clute, Graham Sleight, Gary T. Wolfe, and Noël Sturgeon. Excerpts from the roundtable were posted on Locus Online.

Thanks to Paul Williams
Paul Williams - editor, writer, groundbreaking rock critic, and one of the founders of the New Age - passed away on March 28, 2013. Paul had struggled with early Alzheimers after a bicycle accident. It was Paul's idea to publish all Sturgeon's short fiction in a set of volumes that became The Complete Stories, and his story notes to the first eleven volumes were a crucial part of this project. Paul's family is still in need of support after his passing, and both the rock music and science fiction communities that owe so much to Paul's work have organized to help. To learn more about William's work and to donate, see Paul's website. An essay by Paul, "Theodore Sturgeon, Storyteller" is published in Vol 13 of The Complete Stories, and can also be found here.