Kansas University Library - Home of the Theodore Sturgeon Papers

Barnes and Noble review by Paul di Fillippo, Theodore Sturgeon: From Pulp to Sculpture

Salon.com essay on Sturgeon by John Clute, Eros in the Age of Machines: Why did Theodore Sturgeon's great love stories languish in the ghetto of science fiction?

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Facebook page maintained by Vintage Books: http://www.facebook.com/theodoresturgeonauthor

The Center for the Study of Science Fiction gives out the Sturgeon Memorial Award for the best short science fiction each year, as well as hosting the Campbell Conference and summer workshops on writing speculative short fictions and novels

About SF, a collection of resources on the teaching of science fiction. Includes excellent podcasts of author interviews.

Science Fiction Hall of Fame at the SF Museum in Seattle

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Paul William's page and essay Theodore Sturgeon, Storyteller - Editor of the Collected Stories