What does the Trust do?
The Theodore Sturgeon Literary Trust owns all rights to Sturgeon's name, image and creative output of any kind. It was set up by Theodore Sturgeon before his death.

What does the Trustee do?
The Trustee manages the properties of the Trust, gives copyright permissions, identifies and rectifies copyright violations, and promotes the work for the benefit of the Trust's heirs.

Who is the Trustee?
The Trustee is Noël Sturgeon, Theodore Sturgeon's fourth daughter.

Who should I contact if I am interested in using Sturgeon's work?
See below. The Trust has a literary agent and an agent for film and dramatic rights. You may contact them directly; if you want to copy Noël on your inquiries, that's fine. Feel free to contact Noël with any questions at all regarding Theodore Sturgeon.

Noël Sturgeon
Trustee of the Theodore Sturgeon Literary Trust

Literary Rights: Lotts Agency

Film and Dramatic Rights: Vince Gerardis